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XR-Masters showcased its Hololens solutions within Microsoft’s Pavilion

XR-Masters’ booth was inside Microsoft’s pavilion at the Efficiency and Technology Fair, which took place in Ankara on November 8-10, 2018. Over 2000 people from both government and private world attended the event. XR-Masters booth was one of the most popular places in the hall as the attendees enjoyed experiencing our mixed reality applications on Hololens.


XR-Masters became the first company providing both VR and AR content for Turkcell, Turkey’s largest mobile phone operator, which became the first Turkish company to be listed on NYSE 16 years ago (NYSE:TKC). XR-Masters started to work with Turkcell’s team to create 360 Video Campus Tours of Turkish Universities for Turkcell’s “Fizy Motion” application in September of 2016. The following year, XR-Masters development team worked very closely with the company’s IT team to develop the “Holo-DashRoom App” for Turkcell’s CEO. This app gives him the ability to turn his office into an immersive DashRoom, where he can see live global stats on a holographic globe slowly rotating over the coffee table in his office, and live domestic stats on a holographic map of Turkey located on his carpet in his office. The third product that XR-Masters and Turkcell teams developed together was the AR Field tablet application for their team in the field. Field AR is an IOS application which enables the field team to locate the underground fiber-optic pipelines and the base stations around the city by superimposing the 3D models of both the pipelines and the stations onto the real world. Turkcell showcased these applications during the GSMA World Mobile Congress in Barcelona in February of this year and at the Turkcell Tech Summit the following month.


XR-Masters CEO visited Mr. Nihat Zeybekci, Turkish Minister of Economy at his office in Ankara. During the meeting, Mr. Zeybekçi tried Mixed Reality with Microsoft Hololens and experienced the solutions XR-Masters created for Turkish companies.



XR-Masters & Microsoft organized a joint workshop at the Webrazzi Developer Summit which was held at Point Hotel in Istanbul.

First XR-Masters CEO took the stage to talk about the specifications of Hololens and the differences between holographic and immersive mixed reality headsets. Then XR-Masters Lead Developer took on to demonstrate how to develop a Hololens application using Unity. The attendees also had the chance to try Hololens at the Microsoft/XR-Masters booth located outside of the conference room.



XR-Masters organized a panel on “Two converging technologies: AR & AI” in Istanbul on Jan 16,2018. XR-Masters CEO moderated the panel and his guests were Microsoft Turkey CTO, Mr. Onur Koc and IBM Turkey Cognitive Tech Leader, Mr. Kivanc Uslu. Mr. Koc talked about Microsoft’s new mixed reality headset and presented how Microsoft is bringing the world of AI and MR together with real world examples. Mr. Uslu started with a detailed history of AI and then continued to showcase how IBM is planning to change the world with its supercomputer Watson, which combines AI and sophisticated analytical software for optimal performance as a question answering machine.


XR-Masters is proud to be Microsoft’s HoloLens developer partner in Turkey to showcase HoloLens solutions during the Microsoft Technology Summit
2018 in Istanbul.


The U.S. Embassy in Istanbul, Education USA and the Fulbright Commission collaborated to bring to life the very first virtual student recruitment fair in Turkey.

XR-Masters provided the virtual platform for the event, which took place simultaneously in four cities. The opening speech was delivered virtually by the U.S. Ambassador to Turkey, Mr. John Bass. XR-Masters provided the virtual platform for the U.S. university representatives who were at their offices in the U.S. to virtually meet one-on-one with the prospective students and their parents, who were required to be present at the fair venue in four cities during the fair time.

Oct 12, 2018

Our VP of Business Development, Dogan Dogan was in Ankara at the headquarters of The Information and Communication Technologies Authority (BTK) for Havelsan's Technology Meetings.

Sep 24, 2018

XRM team exhibited within the Microsoft pavillion at the TEKNOFEST ISTANBUL Aerospace and Technology Festival which took place on Sep 20-23 2018, at the Istanbul New Airport complex.

Sep 14, 2018

Our CEO held a session on “Industry 4.0 in Education and Reality Technologies” in Istanbul held “Educations of Educators Seminar”

Sep 02, 2018

VR Master Founder and CEO, Ali Hantal answered questions in the “Education in Industry 4.0 & Technology” seminar. 

May 18, 2018

XR-Masters was the AR/VR sponsor of the annual TEF Edtech Summit in Istanbul. Our CEO presented on the latest developments on AR/VR technologies.

May 12, 2018

XR-Masters sponsored the Technology & Science Summit organized by Işık High Schools in Istanbul. Our CEO presented on AR & VR technologies and the opportunities they offer to Turkish youth.

May 9, 2018

XR-Masters CEO is presenting on “Riding the Next Disruptive Wave” at the 30th Annual Worldcom Tehcnology in Global Communications Conference in Toronto.

March 2, 2018

Hybrid AR/VR mobile app forIstanbul Aydin University was launched. The app starts with an AR Reader. It turns any printed material with theuniversity’s logo into aninteractive AR brochure. Then a 3D holographic model of the campus is superimposed onto the brochure, which ishyperlinked to the 360 VRtour of the campus. This gives the user both AR and VRexperiences making it Turkey’s one of the firsthybrid AR/VR apps.

Jan 16, 2018

XR-Masters organized a technology panel on “Two converging technologies: AR & AI”. XR-Masters CEO moderated the panel and his guests wereMicrosoft Turkey CTO, Mr. Onur Koc and IBM TurkeyCognitive Tech Leader, Mr. Kivanc Uslu.

May 2, 2018

XR-Masters launched its AR-chitect mobile AR platform on both Apple App Store and Google Play, targeting construction companies and real estate agencies.

March 3, 2018

Turkcell showcased both Holo-DashRoom and Field AR solutions at TurkcellTechnology Summit 2018 in Istanbul.

Feb 26, 2018

Turkcell showcased both Holo-DashRoom and Field ARsolutions at GSMA Mobile World Congress 2018 in Barcelona.

Feb 15, 2018

Holo DashRoom Hololensapplication was launched on Feb 15, 2018. It replaces the existing 2D dashroom with a hologprahic mixed reality interface.

April 15, 2018

360 VR Tour of Sanko Holding’s ‘Başak Tractor’ manufacturingplant was launched on April15th. Sanko Holding is one of Turkey’s largest holdingcompanies doing business in several industries such as energy, textile, construction and real estate.

Feb 21, 2018

XR-Masters presented its mixed reality solutions atMicrosoft’s Hololens booth atthe Microsoft Tehcnology Summit 2018 in Istanbul.

Feb 11, 2018

AR Field IOS application waslaunched to support Turkcell’s field team with AR features.The app superimposes hologprahic 3D models of theunderground fiber-opticpipelines and the base stations onto the real world.

Feb 11, 2018

XR-Masters Developers Society was launched with a reception in Istanbul. It wasfollowed by a workshop on “How to Develop Your Firstmobile AR Application”.