XR Masters App

    The app opens up with our AR Portal use case. Users are asked to tap the screen on your mobile device or tablet to place a holographic door on to a surface of your choice. That door is actually a portal to a holographic world. You can walk thru the portal to visit a 3D model house. It is a studio where you can open or close the blinds by tapping on them and watch the XR-Masters 2D movie if you tap on the screen of the TV in this holographic room.

    The third use case is the Augmented Computer Vision use case, where you can tap the screen to take a photo of the scene of your choice and watch how the image recognition AI will tell you what the objects in that scene are; and communicate the intelligence that is created spatially by superimposing the AR name labels on the corresponding objects on your scene.

    This app is a quick show case of our understanding of how the convergence of these major technologies will re-shape the world and open the way for a new  Spatial Web (Web 3.0) Era.

    We will be adding more use cases soon !


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