Field Asset Management

What are the benefits for Field Asset Management Processes?  

Field teams utilize AR technology first to correctly locate the assets on the field. Instead of looking at a 2D screen and trying to locate the actual asset on the actual world, the field team member can look at the scene using a tablet or a headset and can see exatcly where the asset is.

Secondly, AR solutions decrease the training costs and maintenance times with On-Asset Self Assist solutions, where the technician receives holographic instructions about the job to be performed.

There is also Remote Assist solutions that provides the technician on the field with expert support and cuts down expert travel costs.

The Importance of Accurate Augmented Reality Alignment

Accurate augmented reality alignment between the intelligence created and the actual physical world is the key for the success of sensitive AR visualization. Once the alignment is achieved, there should be no drift of the content for a reliable support system in place.

AR Field Asset Management

XRM AR Field Asset Management solutions enables the field teams to locate the underground pipelines and the assets on the field (such as cellular base stations, wind turbines and etc.) by superimposing the 3D models of both these assets onto the real world.

Asset Monitoring

If the assets are visible by the eye, then augmented tags are placed on top of the assets, however, if the assets are far, then the user sees an icon and requested information (such as the distance to the user) for that particular asset. When the icon is clicked, more details are shown to the user.

We also provide “On-digital twin” Field Asset Monitoring solutions. With this solution, the user can superimpose the digital twin of the field asset on any surface and monitor the asset with live data coming from the sensors of that particular asset.

Asset Maintenance

Our technology utilizes cognitive services to recognize the asset that the technician is working on, and provides device specific augmented instructions and guidance for the required job to be done.

Click here to learn more about the application we developed  with Turkcell’s team to support their teams on the field.

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