Supply Chain Management

What are the benefits of AR for Supply Chain Management?  

  • Increased efficiency, including improved first-time fix rates
  • Less Downtime
  • Lower expert travel costs
  • Improved client-facing interactions
  • Drive better remote access processes
  • Improved knowledge transfer between seasoned and new employees
  • Faster learning curve for trainees
  • Increased safety

The Approaching Spatial Web (Web 3.0) Revolution

Convergence of technologies such as augmented reality, spatial computing, sensors, computer vision and AI is creating a new revolution, where
the world around us will become the actual canvas for content creation.

We will experience 3D content and holograms, presenting live data on this new canvas (Spatial Web), which will eventually bring the 30-year-old two-dimensional windows interface to an end. Spatial Web, or web 3.0, will soon be the replacement of the current Internet; and AR tablets along with AR headsets will be the replacement of the current mobile phones, tablets and computer screens.

Self Assist & Training

Self Assist technology enables the field technician and/or the customer to receive “Holographic On-Asset Self Assist” instructions and specific trainings using a phone, tablet or a headset.

We worked with Ernst & Young and developed a POC, which is demonstrated on the right, for an industrial refrigeration cabinet manufacturer.

Demonstration included holographic visualization of the following:

On the left side of the Cabinet:

– Next Scheduled Maintenance Date
– Previous maintenance records
– 2D instructions manual

On the right side of the Cabinet:

– Energy Consumption Graph
– Carbon Emission Graph
– Remote Assist Contact Person

And temperature and humidity information coming from the sensors was superimposed on the shelf spaces.

The application also showcased a few use cases such as:

– Exploded Parts 

– Self Training solution for the field team member,

– The alert created by the “Condition based Predictive & Prescriptive Maintenance System”

– Instructions (Self Assist) for the prescribed maintenance required for the asset.

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Remote Assist

Remote Assist is an emerging technology that enables brand agents and/or product experts to visually guideand collaborate with customers and field technicians remotely.

Resulting with efficiency increase due to lower training costs, reduced human errors and more importantly less expert travel times.

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