AR Live Presentations

Make Your Presentations More Impactful with Meta Quest 3

AR Live Presentations is an innovative solution for product, facility or service presentations and demos in showrooms, general sales meetings and events using video pass-through based Mixed Reality” technology with Meta Quest 3 or Apple Vision Pro glasses.

With AR Live Presentations, three-dimensional digital content is displayed in the real world, allowing participants to see the actual environment and each other during the presentation.

The application is highly convenient, requiring no device expertise from participants; they simply need to wear the glasses to enjoy the presentation.

All interactions with the digital content are managed by the server and participants see these interactions simultaneously. This feature, called local multiplayer, takes the user experience to a previously unattainable level.

For next generation presentation techniques

”Video-pass-through-based mixed reality” Technology

The “Video-pass-through-based mixed reality” technology enables users to experience a blend of real-world and three-dimensional digital content through augmented reality glasses, utilizing live video feeds from the real world.

Users can interact with virtual objects overlaid on the real world while still being able to see the real environment.

Why Now?

The Meta Quest 3, released in October 2023, and the Apple Vision Pro glasses, released in February 2024, heralded a new era in XR technologies. Previously, technological challenges prevented the use of video pass-through technology in AR glasses. However, the Quest 3 and Vision Pro glasses made video-pass-through AR technology possible for end users, with reduced latency of up to 12 milliseconds and high resolution that clearly displays the outside world.

Why Should AR Live Presentations Be Used?

Mobility: Easily portable AR glasses make it easy to take the experience anywhere.

Venue benefits: Three-dimensional digital content can be seamlessly integrated into presentations without the constraints of physical space.

Innovative brand image: Showcases your brand as innovative and attracts consumers interested in technology.

Marketing and word-of-mouth: Memorable AR experiences are shared, generating buzz and media attention.

Meta Quest 3: A New Era in Mixed Reality

Known as a pioneer in the world of Mixed Reality (MR), Meta is consolidating its position in the industry with the introduction of the Meta Quest 3 model. The next generation Meta Quest 3″ combines both Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) experiences to provide users with unforgettable moments.


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Mixed reality is one of technology’s greatest innovations, and Meta Quest 3 sets a new standard in the field. From what we’ve seen on paper, Meta Quest 3 seems to be everything we’ve come to expect from a sequel. We love Quest 2 for its ease of use and excellent software library. However, its performance is starting to show its age when compared to higher-end competitors on the market. Quest 3’s performance boost could be just what it needs to compete with the likes of PlayStation VR 2.

Apple Vision Pro

Unveiled at CES 2024, the Apple Vision Pro is finally here. This innovative product is attracting attention with its eye-catching features, competitive price and upcoming release date. After examining its detailed specifications, factors such as display quality, technological innovations and contributions to the user experience position Apple Vision Pro as an exciting prospect for users. Unlike its competitors, the Vision Pro will not rely solely on the display it carries, but will use its cameras to turn its surroundings into a screen. In addition, Vision Pro, with its Digital Crown, will not require the use of physical controls, setting it apart from its competitors.

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