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We have been developing software and providing IT strategy advice to global organizations since 1998.  XR Masters was one of the first studios to develop HoloLens apps in 2016 and the company’s main focus has been on XR technologies blended with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) since then. We were fortunate to find the opportunity to work on Mixed Reality R&D projects with amazing teams at global companies such as Microsoft, IBM, Ernst & Young and Magic Leap. We developed AR and VR projects for corporations and government agencies both in the US and in Europe.

We believe in the open and interoperable Metaverse and support it with our technology and advocacy efforts. Having offices in HoustonOsloIstanbul and Ankara, we create world class, innovative XR experiences.


Our team consists of XR Developers, GIS Developers, 3D Artists, Ray Tracing (RTX) Experts and Business Strategists.

XR Masters is an active member of Open AR Cloud Association (OARC) and a true supporter of its Open Spatial Computing Platform (OSCP) initiative. The young start-up was the first company to develop an OSCP/OGC compliant Spatial Content Management Platform, which it licenses out to its clients. XR Masters is also a member of The Metaverse Standards Forum.

Member of Open AR Cloud Association (OARC)

Member of The Metaverse Standards Forum

Microsoft HoloLens Content Creation Partner at Microsoft Technology Center

Magic Leap Development Partner

Strategic Partner

Strategic Partner

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