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Who We Are 
Founded in 2016, XR Masters is a pioneering US-based company with a global presence, driven by innovation and a passion for augmented reality. Our headquarters are situated in Delaware, with offices strategically located in Houston, Oslo, and Istanbul. XR Masters is the visionary force behind MyGeoVerse, a revolutionary spatial content management platform that blurs the lines between the physical and digital realms. We are committed to delivering cutting-edge augmented reality experiences to our users and empowering them to create lifelike, interactive journeys within the MyGeoVerse platform. 
Our Expertise 
At XR Masters, we take pride in our seasoned team of professionals who have honed their skills through extensive collaborations on XR Research and Development projects. Our partners include industry giants like Microsoft, IBM, Ernst & Young, and Magic Leap. To date, we have successfully delivered over 100 XR projects for a diverse clientele, including commercial enterprises and government institutions across the United States, Turkey, and Europe. 


Advocates of Open Spatial Computing 
As active members of the Open AR Cloud Association (OARC), we fully embrace the vision of an open and interoperable Metaverse. We actively support this vision through both our technology solutions and advocacy efforts. XR Masters stands as a pioneering force in developing an OSCP/OGC compliant Spatial Content Management Platform, which we readily license to our clients. Our membership in The Metaverse Standards Forum underscores our commitment to shaping the future of the Metaverse. 
Unlocking the Potential of AR 
With the recent advent of the Consumer AR Cloud, XR Masters is at the forefront of a new era. We believe that Augmented Reality has the potential to empower new forms of socialization, collaboration, and community, previously unavailable to us. Augmented Exergaming, in particular, offers solutions for addressing the challenges of ADHD and obesity among children by promoting physical activity, involving parents, fostering social interaction, enhancing cognitive engagement, motivating exercise, and raising awareness of healthy lifestyles. 
Introducing MyGeoVerse 
MyGeoVerse is XR Masters’ brainchild—a spatial content management and commerce platform that democratizes augmented reality experiences. It enables businesses and users to create AR experiences with ease, using a no-code/low-code approach. For users, MyGeoVerse offers a multitude of experiences, including socializing, gaming (including multi-user exergaming), and educational content. What sets MyGeoVerse apart is its active engagement model, where users contribute by creating AR experience paths. 

The Spatial Hub 
Think of MyGeoVerse as the Spatial YouTube, Spatial Instagram, and Spatial Netflix combined. It serves as a central hub for shared and persistent AR Cloud experiences, allowing individuals and businesses to explore, create, and share augmented reality content seamlessly. We believe that MyGeoVerse is paving the way for a future where augmented reality enriches our lives and connects us in ways previously unimaginable. 
At XR Masters, we’re dedicated to pushing the boundaries of augmented reality and shaping the Metaverse. Join us on this exciting journey as we explore the limitless potential of AR technology. Together, we can create a world where the real and digital realms coexist harmoniously, enhancing our lives and experiences in unprecedented ways. 

Member of Open AR Cloud Association (OARC)

Member of The Metaverse Standards Forum

Microsoft HoloLens Content Creation Partner at Microsoft Technology Center

Magic Leap Development Partner

Strategic Partner

Strategic Partner

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