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Utilizing our platform, you can create your own persistent and shared AR experiences and publish your own mobile spatial browser app for your audience.

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The Unique Platform

XR Masters Spatial Content Management Platform

Spatial Browser

Publish your Own Spatial Browser App

Users can download your mobile or AR Headset browser application and visualize the AR Cloud content at your desired location.

AR Way Finding

Provide AR Way Finding

Support your app users with Augmented Way Finding instructions on your desired location and guide them to their destination.

User Specific Content Management

Publish User Specific Content

You can determine user types and publish your AR Content customized for each user segment.

Spatial Ad Management

Generate Spatial Ad Revenues

Utilize our Spatial Ad Management tool to author ads and drive traffic to your advertisers' on site or online locations.

Rich Experiences

Enable Rich & Shared AR Experiences

Utilize our "Interactions and Actuators" features to create more realistic and intuitive experiences.

BI & Analytics

BI & Analytics Tools

Measure your spatial app analytics and be on top of your community's behavioral patterns in the Metaverse.

Multi-user AR Gaming

Gamify your AR Placemaking

Publish shared and multi-user AR Games for your target audience and create a bond with your community.

From The Blog

Updates & Recent Accomplishments

Call for Youth in the Metaverse

Blog, Media Coverage

XR Masters CEO Ali Hantal appeared on the daily Turkish newspaper Akşam, in an interview about the Metaverse and the opportunities it presents to the young people. The full interview can be seen here & the English translation is below.…

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Interview on Dünya Newspaper

Blog, Media Coverage

XR-Masters CEO and Open AR Cloud Association Testbed Coordinator Ali C. Hantal, in an interview with Dünya Newspaper writer Volkan Akı, talked about the concepts of Metaverse and Multiverse, the combination of AR and Metaverse, and the required standards and…

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Bodrum Atölye Buluşmaları Art Exhibition


At the opening exhibition of Bodrum Atölye Buluşmaları, organized by the ART Melek initiative and with the support of Bodrum Belediyesi Municipality and Frame Bodrum, the digital bronze work of sculptor Ersin Tavukcu was displayed on XR Masters’ NFT Viewer Real World…

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New Generation Entrepreneurship Summit


XR Masters CEO Ali C. Hantal was a speaker at the 6th annual New Generation Entrepreneurship Summit for the “Understanding the Metaverse” session. At the event, which was also attended by Turkey’s Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank, Ali…

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Aegean Human Management Summit


Annual Aegean Human Management Summit kicked off today at Fuar İzmir. XR Masters is the Metaverse Sponsor of the “Courage-Snowdrop Flower” themed summit. Organized for the 17th time by PERYÖN, the first non-governmental organization established in the field of human…

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The Metaverse Workflow

Create Metaverse experiences packed full with geospatial visual information

Our process starts with creating the digital twin of the area that we will be placing your desired content onto. Here is our 3-step “Capture, Create and Share” process, which is explained below:


Our team members will scan (spatial map) the desired location to create a 3D Point Cloud (Digital Twin) of the surrounding.


We create stunning AR experiences with our human-centric design approach and we place interact-able AR content persistently at your desired location.


We develop your custom AR viewer (Spatial Browser) App that enables your target audience to activate the Spatial Content available at their location.

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