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Maximize Revenue with AR Advertising

Create a New Source of Revenue for Indoor and Outdoor Venues

Enhance brand visibility and drive customer engagement to indoor or outdoor venues with our AR Game Creation Engine and create a new revenue stream for your business utilizing our AR Ad Management System.

AR Cloud Development Solutions

Explore the Potential of AR Cloud with Our Real World Metaverse Development Services

Take your business to the next level with our Real World Metaverse Development Solutions. Harness the power of AR Cloud technology to build a more connected and interactive world.

Immersive VR Experiences

Experience the Power of VR with Our Leading-Edge VR Application Development Solutions

Step into the future with our VR application development services. Create immersive and interactive virtual reality experiences that wow your users and grow your business.

State of the Art AR Experiences

Transform Your Business with Cutting-Edge AR Experience Development Services

Unlock the potential of AR with our expert AR Experience Development Services. Enhance your organization with the latest AR technologies.

Transforming Reality with Hololens, Magic Leap and Nreal

Transform Your Business with MR Headset Apps

Create advanced mixed & augmented reality experiences that revolutionize you engage with your target audience.

Expert Consulting for XR & AI Implementation

Empower Your Business with Expert XR & AI Consulting Services

Transform your business with our XR & AI Consulting Services provided by our industry leader executive team. We help you strategize and implement the latest technologies for optimal results.

Multi-user AR Gaming

Gamify your AR Placemaking

Publish shared and multi-user AR Games for your target audience and create a bond with your community.

From The Blog

Updates & Recent Accomplishments

“Talking Metaverse” with Ali Hantal

Blog, Featured

XR Masters CEO Ali C. Hantal was Tan Lay’s guest at Gitex Global for a special edition of “Talking Metaverse”. Highlights of the interview were: – Definition of the Metaverse – XR Masters’ Spatial Content Management Platform – Importance of…

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XR Masters CEO appears on Ekoturk TV


XR Masters CEO Ali Hantal was the guest of Melis Kobal, Ekoturk Morning News anchor, for the latest episode of ‘Yönetim Katı’ program that ran on March 8th, 2023 at 11:00am. The broadcast can be viewed here:

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Ali Hantal appears on FYZY Magazine


In the 48th issue of FYZY magazine, an interview with XR Masters CEO Ali C. Hantal took place. In the interview, Hantal, who graduated from FMV Işık school in 1992, was asked about his story of meeting with FMV Işık…

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XR Masters featured on daily Sabah Newspaper


Turkish daily newspaper Sabah columnist Hulya Guler wrote about the Metaverse, XR Masters CEO Ali Hantal & his mission at Open AR Cloud Association regarding the standards and protocols for the Metaverse to be open, interoperable and democratic. You can…

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XR Masters at Brand Week


XR Masters CEO Ali Hantal hosted a panel on “Democratizing Augmented Realities in Uncertain Times” at Brand Week Istanbul ( His panelist was Jan-Erik Vinje, CEO at OnSiteViewer and the Managing Director at Open AR Cloud. Brand Week took place…

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