AR Navigasyon

XR Masters, keskin kenarlı Artırılmış Gerçeklik (AR) altyapısıyla navigasyonu yeniden tanımlıyor.

Our service transforms the way users move through both indoor and outdoor spaces. Using the cameras on their smartphones, tablets, or AR headsets, users effortlessly follow 3D digital arrows seamlessly integrated into the real world, guiding them to their destinations. Along the way, users are treated to instructive, educational, or promotional AR content alongside the arrows, enhancing their journey with valuable information.

Whether navigating a vast shopping mall, a sprawling outdoor event, or a complex office space, our AR Navigation adapts seamlessly to diverse environments. Experience navigation in a new dimension, where the real and the digital converge seamlessly.

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Beraber işinizin potansiyelini keşfetmeye hazırız.

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