City-Scale AR

We create spectacular, city-scale AR experiences persistently. The content we create can be consumed by iOS and Android devices as well as headsets and drones. Our technology works both indoors and outdoors.

City-Scale and Persistent AR

AR CLoud Technology allows us to execute city scale Persistent & Shared AR experiences!
Augmented reality places three dimensional objects in the physical world providing intuitive interactions.. However, the ability to keep the AR content permanently for other users to see and interact has been a hard challenge to overcome and a significant limitation for the transmission from ‘flatware’ to ‘spatialware’.
AR Cloud technology solves that problem.
Persistency in Augmented Reality defines the permanent placement of 3D content in an augmented world. In other words, unlike the traditional AR experience, the user does not tap to place the AR content, but the device automatically identifies the space around the user and displays the previously placed content very accurately onto the real world.

Persistent and shared AR requires the use of cloud computing. The ARCloud can be thought of as a machine-readable 1:1 scale model, or the digital twin, of the real world. The AR devices are the real-time interface to this parallel virtual world which is perfectly overlaid onto the physical world.

XR Masters offers state of the art AR Cloud solutions.

Here are some use cases:

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