New Revenue Source with MyGeoVerse Advertising Platform

You can create new advertising spaces with ‘Augmented Reality-Based Metaverse’ and increase foot traffic with location-based games in your venue without the need for any upfront investment.

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more effective in increasing purchase intent compared to traditional advertisements

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higher click-through rate compared to traditional banner advertisements

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in brand recall rate

Welcome to the new generation of advertising !

The Future of Advertising

AR Cloud-Based New Revenue Source

MyGeoVerse Advertising Platform is an innovative advertising/promotion platform based on AR Cloud that enables venue owners and brands who want to promote in these venues to create personalized and interactive Augmented Reality experiences that will impress visitors like never before, without the need for any upfront investment.

World's First AR Cloud Advertising Platform

Don't limit yourself to the physical world

An ideal advertising and marketing resource for businesses such as shopping malls, hospitals, cultural and art centers, entertainment venues, concert halls, museums, city squares, event/fairgrounds, hospitals, sports facilities, stadiums, and similar venues.

Risk free

Zero Risk with MyGeoVerse Revenue Sharing Model!

Start immediately with zero upfront investment with the win/win revenue sharing business model!

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