About Us

    About Us

    XR Masters is a team that consists of spatial computing engineers, artificial intelligence developers, computer vision experts and talented 3D/visual effects artists..

    We create digital twins of both indoor and outdoor spaces and we provide the most accurate Augmented Reality Alignment, without drift, between the intelligence to be visualized and the actual physical world that it will be superimposed onto.

    When our state-of-the-art 3D modeling ability is combined with our years of experience spatial computing and augmented reality alignment, our clients experience astonishing results such as increase in profitability due to higher efficiency and lower training times, error rates and expert travel costs.

    The Spatial Web (Web 3.0) Revolution

    We believe that Convergence of technologies such as augmented reality, spatial computing, sensors, computer vision and AI is creating a new revolution, where
    the world around us will become the actual canvas for content creation.

    Soon, we will experience 3D content and holograms, presenting live data on this new canvas (Spatial Web), which will eventually bring the 30-year-old two-dimensional windows interface to an end.

    Spatial Web, or Web 3.0, will soon replace the current Internet. 


    AR tablets and AR headsets will also replace the existing mobile phones, tablets and computer screens.

    Our Solutions

    We are very excited about the approaching new wave! We believe organizations in every industry will need to take pro-active steps to survive this upcoming revolution and this is where our solutions fit in.

    Our innovative & unique Marketing & Sales solutions enable you to bring your products and facilities to life so that your clients can receive a more accurate representation of them. Our solutions can also help you to build a deeper emotional connection with your clients.

    Our “Self-Assist” and “Remote-Assist” solutions support your ManufacturingMaintenanceTraining and After Sales processes and help you increase efficiency by lowering training time, reducing error rates and cutting expert travel times.

     We also provide “On-asset” and “On-digital Twin” real time AR Asset Monitoring & Maintenance solutions to support your teams on the Field.