XR Masters worked with Ernst & Young to develop an “On-asset Self Assist” solution

On-Asset Self Assist technology enables the field technician and/or the customer to receive “Holographic On-Asset Self Assist” instructions and specific trainings using a phone, tablet or a headset.

We worked with Ernst & Young in Istanbul and developed a POC for an industrial refrigeration cabinet manufacturer.

Demonstration included holographic visualization of the following:

On the left side of the Cabinet:

– Next Scheduled Maintenance Date
– Previous maintenance records
– 2D instructions manual

On the right side of the Cabinet:

– Energy Consumption Graph
– Carbon Emission Graph
– Remote Assist Contact Person

And temperature and humidity information coming from the sensors was superimposed on the shelf spaces.

The application also showcased a few use cases such as:

– Exploded Parts use case, where the field team member can receive detailed information about the parts of the asset holographically.

– Self Training use case, where the field team member can receive “On-Asset” or “On-digital Asset” training for the specific job assigned to him/her.

– Condition based Predictive & Prescriptive Maintenance use case, where the alert created by the system is visualized on the asset and then prescribed steps to handle the maintenance task is provided to the field team member.


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