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AR Cloud / Gitex 2023 / Dubai
During the Gitex Global 2022 event in Dubai between October 10-14, 2022, visitors had the chance to experience the mesmerizing Magic Forest.
Mobile App / Augmented Reality / Metaverse
Users downloading XR Masters spatial browser mobile app, enjoyed a multi-user, shared and persistent AR experience.
AR Cloud / AWE EU 2022 / Lisbon
Visitors at the AWE EU 2022 event in Lisbon, which took place on October 20-21, 2022, were given the opportunity to immerse themselves in the captivating Magic Forest, an interactive Real World Metaverse experience crafted by XR Masters.
Augmented Reality / AR Cabinet Placement / Unilever
Using Augmented Reality (AR) technology, the "Unilever Algida Magnumizing AR Cabinet Placement" project was implemented for Unilever Algida company to be used by field personnel for cabinet placement.
FMV Isik Schools Culture / OARC / FMV
FMV Işık Schools became the first highschool testbed partner of Open AR Cloud.
NFT / VPS / Meta verse
Leading names of the industry came together at NFT Summit Istanbul, which was held in Istanbul on May 28-29 2022.
Real World / Metaverse Art Exhibition / OSCP
The audience had the opportunity to experience an impressive Real World Metaverse Art Exhibition by XR Masters.
AR Space Exhibit / Emaar Shopping Mall / OSCP Geopose protocol
AR Space Exhibit at the Emaar Shopping Mall in Istanbul was brought to life by XR Masters and was enjoyed by young visitors as well as their parents during two weeks in October.
Novaby / 3D AR artworks / MIT Campus
Several areas of the MIT campus were visually mapped.
AR Way Finding / Spatial Ads / Augmented City’s VPS
An AR Way Finding Demo with Spatial Ads was activated using XR Masters Spatial Content Management Platform.
Bodrum Atölye Buluşmaları / Ersin Tavukcu / NFT Viewer Real World Metaverse App
At the opening exhibition of Bodrum Atölye Buluşmaları, organized by the ART Melek initiative and with the support of Bodrum Municipality in Turkey, the digital bronze work of sculptor Ersin Tavukcu was displayed on XR Masters’ NFT Viewer Real World Metaverse App.
VPS / OSCP / Geopose protocol
This feature of XR Masters Spatial Content Management Platform enables users to place AR post-it notes at indoor or outdoor locations for their friends & family to see.
OGC / OARC / Magic Leap 2 / OSCP
Our partner XR Masters developed the first OGC/OARC compliant Magic Leap 2 application working on Augmented City's VPS using OSCP Geopose protocol.
Steven Pagnotta / CBS studio / ABC / Good Morning America studio
A Flock of Bagels was a spontaneous work of AR art co-created by Steven Pagnotta of Moe's Broadway Bagels (Denver/Boulder) and Stephen Black.
HoloLens2 / Enerjisa / Business Intelligence & Analytics application
This HoloLens2 application is developed by XR Masters for Enerjisa.
İş Bankası / 360 VR / Data Center
XR-Masters’ 360 VR Video Production team covered the İş Bankası Data Center facilities and created a 360 VR facility tour video.
Castrol / Castrol Magnatec / XR-Masters
Castol Edge and Castrol Magnatec packs in Turkey are now AR enabled.
Opet / Respect For History / Dardanelles Battles
OPET, one of Turkey’s leading fuel-oil distributor companies has been running a very special project: Respect For History.
Başak Tractor / Sanko Holding / 360 VR Tour
XR-Masters is proud to announce another 360 tour in partnership with another industry giant of Turkey.
Microsoft business / MESS / MEXT Microsoft Manufacturing Core
As a Microsoft business partner, XR Masters took part in the opening of the Microsoft Manufacturing Core.
Logo Yazilim / Logo / Multiple Doors
This Augmented Reality Portal application was developed by XR-Masters  for Logo Yazilim.
Turkish Basketball Federation / Sinan Güler / VR Game
Turkish national team captain Sinan Güler played ball with Cammy, our 360 rig who is an achieving character 🙂
35th Annual Conference / Dr. Ernest Moniz / Mehmet Simsek
35th Annual Conference on US-Turkey Relations, with the attendance of high level officials from both sides, took place in DC between Oct 30th - Nov 1st, 2016.
Western Kentucky University / VRevolutionize / 360 VR video
Western Kentucky University is the latest to VRevolutionize their reach with XR-Masters and MezunVR partnership.
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