“Filizlerin Mucizesi” Training Program

Ali Hantal, the founder of XR-Masters, remains actively involved in the “Filizlerin Mucizeleri – Technology and Innovation Online Vision Training Program,” conducted in collaboration with Türk Traktör and the Women in Technology Association (Wtech), with ongoing online sessions.

During his recent lecture held on February 27, 2024, Hantal centered his discussion on XR technologies, specifically aimed at guiding young individuals aspiring for careers in this domain.

These virtual sessions typically attract approximately 300 university students. Throughout the training, Hantal shares valuable insights into XR technologies, addresses inquiries from participants, and underscores the significance of open, interoperable, and democratic standards and protocols for the Metaverse. Additionally, he elaborates on the initiatives of the Open AR Cloud Association, of which he serves as a board member and Test Bed Coordinator.

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