Historical Interoperability Demo by XR Masters at OGC’s 128th Member Meeting in Delft

We belive the best future for spatial computing is one based on open standards and protocols like the open web platform rather than proprietary walled gardens and app stores.Watch this historical Open Spatial Web Interoperability Demo by Open AR Cloud (OARC) partners Augmented City and XR Masters at the 128th Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Member meeting in Delft, Netherlands.


Two Spatial Web clients (SpARcl and MyGeoVerse) connect to prototypical spatial web services using open standards from OGC (GeoPose and POIs), the Khronos Group (glTF), and W3C (WebXR) as well as the Open Spatial Computing Platform (OSCP) protocols for GeoPose VPS and Spatial Discovery.

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After the successful demo in front of the AULA
Conference Center at Delft University of Technology.

From Left to Right:
Ali C. Hantal, CEO at XR Masters,
Christine Perey, Perey Research & Consulting
Greg Buehler, Director at OGC and
Carl Smyth, Director at Mobile GIS

During the 128th OGC Member Meeting, a team from OARC consisting of Gabör Söros, Jan-Erik Vinje and our CEO Ali C. Hantal  gave a talk on how Open AR Cloud Association is using OGC standards for GeoPose and POIs in the Open Spatial Computing Platform (OSCP), Open AR Cloud’s attempt at prototyping something like an Open Spatial Web Platform.

In the talk they explain how two different clients, one that runs in a mobile browser based on WebXR called SpARcl and our native app MyGeoVerse both connect to OSCP services.

Augmented City provides a OSCP GeoPose Protocol compliant endpoint for visual positioning and MyGeoVerse backend provides OSCP Content Discovery Services for publishing and discovering 3D content and POIs at real world locations.

This is a demonstration of the the benefits of open standards and protocols over proprietary walled gardens.

You can watch the video of the session below:

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