Interesting Coincidence at TechXistanbul Summit

TechXistanbul Summit, sponsored by XR-Masters, took place at Bahcesehir University Besiktas Campus in Istanbul on Jan 16, 2018.

An interesting coincidence  happened at “Artificial Intelligence & Mixed Reality” Panel during the summit. While Microsoft Türkiye CTO Onur KOÇ was delivering his part of the panel, and displaying a cat on the presentation as an asset of his AI topic, a real life cat entered the stage and casually ‘cat walked’ across the stage.

We still believe it was prepared by Microsoft team but the cat refused to comment on the incident.
We encourage you to watch the 360 video of the incident and decide for yourself.

TechXistanbul Summit, Mixed Reality and A.I. Panel Speakers:

  • XR-Masters CEO Ali C. Hantal
  • Microsoft Türkiye CTO – Onur KOÇ
  • IBM Türkiye Cognitive Tech Leader – Kıvanç Uslu

If your browser can’t display the 360 video, please click here to display in the facebook app.

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