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This week on “NFT, Metaverse, and Other Things”: Metaverse, or Multiverse?

“Metaverse, or Multiverse?” The Turkish coordinator of the association, who works for the standards of this business, explains… The Turkish translation of NFT from the Turkish Language Association… The expectations for 2022 in the fields of Web 3.0, NFT, GameFi… Liberland, not recognized by the UN, now has its own metaverse establishing… A 47.5 percent commission to Facebook’s virtual world Horizon Worlds… Traditional banking is leaving its place in the Token economy (Tokenomic)… Here is the summary of the week in “NFT, Metaverse and Other Things”, which includes innovations and developments related to NFT, metaverse, and blockchain-oriented technologies from Turkey and the world… Necdet Çalışkan wrote…

Here we are with the summary of the week, “NFT, Metaverse and Other Things”, where we discussed the innovations and developments focused on the metaverse, blockchain, and NFT in the technology world. Here are the highlights of the week in the other universe prepared by Necdet Çalışkan from Habertürk…


Established to create metaverse infrastructure and standards on an international scale, the Open Augmented Reality Cloud Association (Open AR Cloud – Open Augmented Reality Cloud) has been working on developing metaverse standards and protocols for two years with more than 300 members.

Open AR Cloud Association Coordinator Ali Cumhur Hantal, the only Turkish in the 12-person management team of the institution working to determine the standards of the metaverse evaluated the latest developments in the field of metaverse for Habertürk.

Saying that the currently existing experiences should generally be called experiences belonging to different metaverses, that is, as ‘multiverses’ rather than a ‘metaverse’, Hantal states that for multiverses to become a metaverse, there must be a real metaverse infrastructure and global standards and protocols must evolve.

Stating that the standards developed by Open AR Cloud are currently in the approval phase, Hantal says: “If the Geopose standard is one day used by all multiverses in existence, these multiverses will be interoperable and able to talk to each other. Thus, content that is in one metaverse will be viewable in other metaverses.”

He aims to add Turkey to the metaverse map.

XR Masters, which was established in Silicon Valley in the USA in 2015 to develop solutions based on XR (Extended Reality) technologies blended with Geographic Information Systems (GIS), also carries out R&D studies and software developments on metaverse technologies. Hantal, the founder and CEO of XR Masters, gives the following information:

“We intend to democratize the metaverse with open-source code. We aim to scan the whole of Turkey, make a digital copy, and add it to the metaverse map. Thanks to the technology we have developed, we are planning to produce content about daily life in Turkey and to transfer the historical and cultural heritage to future generations through special platforms that can be provided in the new universe, as well as the application. With the agreement of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, which uses our infrastructure, with the Open AR Cloud Association, Ankara became the fourth test city of Open AR Cloud in the world, after Los Angeles, Bari and Helsinki. Now, Istanbul is next.”

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