Experts, developers and digital artists met in Istanbul, where the continents meet. NFT Summit Istanbul, which was held in Istanbul – Lütfi Kırdar Congress Center on May 28-29, attracted great attention and interest. NFTs, blockchain, Metaverse and Web3 technologies were discussed. The leading names of the industry came together in the summit that lasted for two days.
XR Masters CEO Ali Hantal gave a speech on “Visualizing NFTs on the Real World Metaverse” on the last day of the event.


Sponsored by XR Masters, participants had the opportunity to view 3D AR sculpture NFTs created by the Ukrainian artist Vira DG in the Real World Metaverse, using the XR Masters NFT Viewer App.

This wonderful NFT collection will be exhibited in Taksim Square for 2 more weeks.
Just download the XR Masters app (, go to Taksim Square and follow the instructions.

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