XR Masters CEO and CTO presented at IEEEVR 2021

XR Masters CEO and CTO presented at the “Combining the Virtual and the Real” tutorial on building Persistent and City-Scale AR experiences during the IEEEVR 2021.

The tutorial is organized by The Open AR Cloud Association (OARC) whose mission is to drive the development of an Open Spatial Computing Platform (OSCP) what many refer to as the “Metaverse”, “Mirror World” or “Spatial Web”.

The members of OARC have created reference implementations of the core pieces towards Interoperable Spatial Computing Technology, Data and Standards to connect the physical and digital worlds.

This was the first ever tutorial with OARC members on building client-side applications on the platform.

Over 65 participants attended the sessions to learn about the components of the OSCP, what’s possible now and what’s on the roadmap.


XR Masters Founder & CEO, Ali C. Hantal presented during Session 2 and explained how to utilize Augmented City‘s Content Authoring and Viewing application, which was followed by a hands-on Unity tutorial session by our Partner & Lead XR Developer, Yavuz Demir, where he went over how to create Interact-able objects on the Spatial Web using Unity game engine.

Then, participants were given sample projects from which they were asked to build their own spatial XR experiences anchored to the real world.

The Workshop will end on April 2nd Friday with the Tutorial Demonstrations: Spatial Web Interactions Day (Demo Day), which will start at 17:00 Lisbon time (WET), which is 9:00AM PST.

Demo Day will be co-hosted by XR Masters CEO Ali C. Hantal and Prof. Rolf Kruse from Erfurt University of Applied Sciences in Germany. Participants will have the opportunity to demonstrate their completed submissions and receive feedback from a panel of well known experts in the field

Review Panelists:

  • Ori Inbar, Augmented World Expo,  U.S.A.
  • April Speight, Microsoft, U.S.A.
  • Jimmy Alamparambil, Adobe Aero, U.S.A.

  • Cathy Hackl, Futures Intelligence Group, U.S.A. 


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