Presentation on “The New Spatial Web (AR Cloud) Era”

We, at XR Masters, believe that Convergence of technologies such as augmented reality, spatial computing, sensors, computer vision and AI is creating a new revolution, where the world around us will become the actual canvas for content creation.

Soon, we will experience 3D content and holograms, presenting live data on this new canvas (Spatial Web), which will eventually bring the 30-year-old two-dimensional windows interface to an end.

Spatial Web, or AR Cloud, will soon replace the current Internet. AR tablets and AR headsets will also replace existing mobile phones, tablets and computer screens.

We envision a world where there will be no 2-dimensional screens and instead, the world around us and everything in it including people, objects and animals will become the canvas for 3-dimensional content. We will visualize the content utilizing our mixed reality devices and headsets (or contact lenses) powered with state-of-the art AI sensors for computer vision and spatial computing abilities.

We call this era “The New Spatial Web (AR Cloud) Era”.

Our Founder & CEO Ali C. Hantal presented on this topic during the Bogazici University Compac Tech Summit 2020.

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