AR Facility Visualization (Digital Twin) by XR Masters

Holograms / AR technology / Facility

This application demonstrates a use case where AR technology is utilized for facility visualization AR technology superimposes holograms or 3-dimensional text over our view of the world. It blurs the line between reality and technology; thereby creates a seamless experience for the viewer. For promoting your facility, AR technology lets prospective clients tour your facility via their smartphones/ tablets (or headsets) regardless of their location. Visualization is key in promoting your facilities, however limitations of the traditional tools listed below are working against the sales process: 2D Photo adverts and 2D videos don’t show the facility’s full aesthetic, 3D models on a 2D screen don’t offer a complete representation, Visiting each site in-person is time-consuming, AR technology addresses these pain points, so the prospective client gets an immersive experience of the facility.


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AR Cloud / Gitex / Dubai
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