XR Masters featured on daily Sabah Newspaper

Turkish daily newspaper Sabah columnist Hulya Guler wrote about the Metaverse, XR Masters CEO Ali Hantal & his mission at Open AR Cloud Association regarding the standards and protocols for the Metaverse to be open, interoperable and democratic.

You can reach the article here & the English translation of the full article is below.


When Oxford Dictionary announced that goblin mode was selected as the word of the year against the metaverse, I felt a strange sense of joy. But this had nothing to do with the state of mind reflected by goblin mode, which is a mixture of cowardice and sloppiness. I was secretly disturbed by the fact that Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, named the umbrella company that brings together Instagram, Whatsapp and other affiliates Meta, due to the fact that the metaverse (virtual universe) was quickly becoming part of our daily lives.
I suspect that the metaverse was not chosen as the word of the year in the first-ever online poll that Oxford Dictionary opened to the public for this reason. Moreover, there are not a few people who call it multiverse instead of metaverse to avoid repeating the mistakes of the early internet years. And these groups keep on the agenda the idea that every step towards the widespread use of areas such as virtual reality, augmented reality should be taken in harmony with the concept of multiverse. International efforts are being made to prepare for multiverses, not metaverse, in order to make the technical infrastructure of virtual universes work on every device in every part of the world (remember the iOS-android war). In the most understandable terms, they are trying to make the standards of virtual universes universal.
When goblin mode became the word of the year instead of metaverse, the first person who came to my mind was Ali Cumhur Hantal, a Turkish entrepreneur who has been involved in all of these international efforts from the beginning. Because in the conversation we had recently, Hantal talked about the standards of the metaverse covering the whole world and emphasized that he saw this as a step towards democratizing virtual universes. Hantal, CEO of XR Masters, is a member of the 12-member international committee established under the roof of the Open Augmented Reality Cloud (Open AR Cloud) Association. This committee is working to develop international standards and protocols for the metaverse, where compatible infrastructure allows for the creation of architectural spaces or different applications that can be shared and moved from one to another.
During our long and technical conversation about what the upcoming metaverse age will be like, Hantal also explained the international position of Open AR Cloud. He said that the standard developed by Open AR Cloud (for the metaverse), which has been authorized by the Open Geospatial Consortium (Open Geospatial Consortium) that standardizes the two-dimensional maps used by Google for the entire world, is currently in the approval stage and explained what it means: “If the Geopose standard, which is currently in the approval stage, is used by all existing multiverses someday, these multiverses will be able to work together and communicate with each other. Therefore, content in one Metaverse will be able to be displayed in other metaverses as well.”
I do not know if all of these things will democratize the metaverse, but it is certain that not having to do the same things repeatedly will save time and energy.
Meanwhile, when I think of some Turkish characters not being usable in the computing language and the algorithmic nepotism led by Zuckerbergs, I appreciate that a name from Turkey is part of international efforts towards metaverse standards. Because maybe this is why Ankara became the fourth test city in the world for Open AR Cloud after Los Angeles, Bari and Helsinki.

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