Ali Hantal on “The Age of Metaverse and the Opportunities It Brings” at Zemin Webinar

You can watch the full webinar above. (The webinar is in Turkish, however you can utilize You Tube’s auto-generated closed captions (cc) to activate English subtitles. Please remember to set it to English after enabling the auto-generated closed captions.)

XR Masters CEO Ali C. Hantal talked about #metaverse in the webinar on “The Age of Metaverse and Its Opportunities” with the Istanbul City Lab Experience Center – Zemin Istanbul Team.

– What is the metaverse and what is not? How many types of metaverses are there?
– What will the metaverse bring to our lives? What are examples of the metaverse?
– What are ethical issues in the metaverse? What should the users do about it?
– How does @Open AR Cloud Association, which drives the development of open and interoperable spatial computing technology, data and standards for the Metaverse Era, make a difference?

.. and many other metaverse related questions.

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