XRMasterVerse Gift Hunt

Istanbul Taksim Square and Ankara Castle hosted a very special New Year’s event this year: XR Masters multi-user Gift Hunt in the Metaverse, the “XRMasterVerse Gift Hunt”.

XR Masters mobile app users, who were at Istanbul Taksim and Ankara Castle between Dec 28th – Dec 31st joined the XRMasterVerse, where they collectively viewed and interacted with shared and persistent AR content in a synced multi-user experience. App users collected gift boxes, activated fireworks and shared their experiences on social media to earn points. The highest scorers won prizes such as Istanbul-New York round trip flight tickets from Turkish Airlines and accommodations at The Marmara Taksim Hotel.

With this multi-user, shared and persistent AR Cloud experience, Ankara became the 4th & Istanbul became the 5th test bed city of Open AR Cloud’s Open Spatial Computing Platform.

Anyone interested in experiencing the AR cloud based Spatial Web / Metaverse, can visit Taksim Square in Istanbul or Ankara Castle in Ankara and download the XR Masters Spatial Browser mobile app for free & follow the instructions.

XR Masters Spatial Web Browser can be downloaded by scanning the QR code below:


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