XR Masters AR Business Card Reader Demo

Applications that are offering hybrid Spatial Computing, Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence solutions are becoming a bigger part of our lives every day now. Whether it’s in games, easing up our daily lives or just for marketing purposes, convergence of these innovative technologies makes it possible to create efficient, cost-effective and unique solutions.

This video demonstrates a business card reader use case. The user is asked to scan the business card of one of our executives to enable the AR experience. Once the business card is recognised by our application,  our flying builder bot (we call him VRMBot) flies down and lands on the business card you are holding. Then, it starts creating the holographic content on the physical card. Content such as our 3D Logo and clickable “call me” or “e-mail me” buttons customized for the owner of the business card. Finally, VRMBot flies away right after creating the 3D human model of the owner of the card on his/her business card.

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