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Metaverse is being funded in the billions by large companies. This has created a growing hype where AR Cloud based Metaverse is being overshadowed by the VR based one.

AR Cloud, also called Real World Metaverse, needs standards and protocols so that the future of the internet will be open and interoperable exactly like the old web. This creates a risk of multiple Real World Multiverses existing instead of a single Real World Metaverse. In other words, these multiverses are going to be walled gardens as was the case with the mobile application stores, where the app developers were forced to create two different applications for the two different app stores.

Think about how our world would be if internet was not a single world wide web, but was a set of multiple intranets (walled gardens) with no standards and protocols. It would be very inefficient to create and publish multiple web sites for every one of these intranets instead of creating a single web site composed of HTML pages.

This is why it is very important to build the Metaverse on open and interoperable principles and we would like to invite you to the first AWE Nite Istanbul panel “Democratizing the Real World Metaverse”, that XR Masters CEO Ali C. Hantal will be hosting at 8.00 AM US Pacific time (18:00 Turkish Standard Time) on May 12, 2022 Thursday.

Panel: Democratizing the Real World Metaverse
Date: May 12, 2022 Thursday.
Time: 18:00 Turkish Standard Time (8:00AM US Pacific Time)

Moderator: Ali C. Hantal, Testbed Coordinator at Open AR Cloud
– Jan-Erik Vinje, Managing Director at Open AR Cloud
– Nadine Alameh, CEO at The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC)
– Neil Trevett President at The Khronos Group
– Ori Inbar CEO at AWE

You can register for free at the link below:

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