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We have to go to the Metaverse to work

Our colleagues in developed economies convey new technologies, applications, and services to their readers. I try to do this as much as possible, but only up to a point. Great, high-quality, high-performance products, applications that make life easier, writing new generation investment works and making videos are works that I enjoy very much and that I am excited to review. In recent months, especially since the beginning of 2022, the interest in technology content has decreased incredibly. I can easily see this not based on a research result, but by following the publications that produce technology content. People don’t want to learn about technologies they can’t afford anymore. They couldn’t get it easily in 2021, but they kept wondering, watching, and reading. They don’t even want to see it this year. So, they’re right. Unfortunately, we continue to move away from the beauties of the world, to descend into the depths of a dark pit. We will certainly continue to descend. We can turn technology into opportunity. Instead of alienating from it, we can use it as a means of production rather than consuming it. But how?

Earn in currency, spend Turkish Lira

Everyone started to think as a result of such high inflation and the fact that our money was stamped. Let’s earn with foreign currency, spend Turkish Lira. It’s very normal, isn’t it? Which of us does not think so? I’m sure ninety-nine percent of young people think so. In fact, we can say that they have dreams of leaving this country and living in other countries in more comfortable conditions. Unfortunately, those who had the opportunity had to leave. I decided to write this article for young people who do not have the opportunity and have to live in this country. They desperately need a hope. It is their most natural right to live a world-class life by living in this country. Of course, we all have the right, but those who are of middle and older age who have reached a certain level are trying to manage in some way. We must give priority to our young people who have not even had the chance to meet business life, who come from the bottom. After a long analysis of the situation, let’s move on to the topic. Cooling down from this technology is not a good thing. There are still some things we can do.

Last week, I interviewed my very old friend, Ali Hantal, on the concept of the metaverse and the opportunities it brings. Ali has been living in America for many years. He has accomplished many successful works there and continues to do so. For those who are curious about him, this interview will be broadcast on our Techno Safari YouTube channel very soon. Ali insisted: “There is a great business opportunity for our young people. Moreover, they can do this work without leaving their homes. They do not need to emigrate to another country. Whatever they do, they should learn how to model three-dimensional objects and add experience to these objects in game engines.” said. This newly built Metaverse will need an incredible 3D object. Just as India has the world’s largest revenue volume in coding, we, as a country, have the opportunity to capture the potential in the field of 3D modeling and animation. Everything you can think of for this virtual world has to be modeled. It will be necessary to work non-stop for this world, which will develop endlessly and constantly. High-quality, trouble-free, and timely delivered modeling can bring us worldwide fame. Today’s world has become digital, and it has become possible to sell business to the world without going anywhere. It is necessary to warn our young people before this ship escapes. Do not let them miss this opportunity to get a very serious income. You can watch a more extensive topic in my video interview.


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