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 XR Masters CEO Ali Cumhur Hantal, who said that the Metaverse will change the future of the Internet, education, tourism, culture, trade, and even human communication, said that the Metaverse will provide a different experience. The Metaverse era, defined as the future of the internet, education, tourism, culture, commerce, and even human communication, will undoubtedly change many things. XR Masters CEO, International Open AR Cloud (OARC) Association Test Bed Coordinator Ali Cumhur Hantal states that current experiences are generally divided into different Metaverses instead of a ‘Metaverse’, so he states that they should be called as Multiverses. For Multiverses to become a Metaverse, first, there must be a real Metaverse infrastructure and global standards, and protocols must evolve. An international committee of 12 people, including Ali Cumhur Hantal, is working to develop these standards and protocols under the umbrella of the Open AR Cloud Association.


Drawing attention to the importance of standards for the realization of Metaverse, Hantal explained the change to be experienced as follows: “We can compare today’s Metaverse applications to the intranet, which was the starting point of the internet in the past. After the concept of Metaverse was introduced, everything virtual or augmented began to be defined as Metaverse. Although there is no consensus, experts state that for an experience to be called a true Metaverse experience, it must first be experienced by more than one user simultaneously. In an AR cloud based Metaverse, an AR object placed on the real world in another Metaverse with the user’s approval, in the same place and at the same place. It will be possible to talk about a ‘Metaverse’ instead of multiverses, thanks to the fact that it can be displayed in the same way.”


Stating that Metaverse can be technically experienced in two different ways, one is Virtual Reality based and the other is Augmented Reality Cloud based, Hantal continued his words as follows: “We have been working for 2 years to create these standards and protocols. Open Augmented Reality Cloud Association, an international team of 12 people, including XR Masters CEO Ali Cumhur Hantal, is working with more than 300 members of the association to develop Metaverse standards and protocols. The standard developed by Open AR Cloud, which is authorized by the Open Geospatial Consortium, one of the top organizations in this field, which has made the standards used by Google in two-dimensional maps accepted all over the world, is currently in the approval phase. If this Geopose standard is one day used by all existing Multiverses, these multiverses will be interoperable and able to talk to each other. Thus,  content in one Metaverse will be viewable in other Metaverses. It aims to democratize the Real World Metaverse with Open-Source Code. XR Masters team, which has signed many important projects in the field of software for more than twenty years and offers information technology strategies to global companies, has been doing R&D studies and software developments on Metaverse technologies for the last seven years.”


 XR Masters, which aims to scan the whole of Turkey, make a digital copy, and add it to the Metaverse map, plans to produce content about daily life in our country thanks to the technology it has developed and transfer the historical and cultural heritage to future generations through special platforms that can be provided in the new universe. Using the XR Masters infrastructure, Ankara Metropolitan Municipality agreed with the Open AR Cloud Association. Ankara became the fourth test city of Open AR Cloud in the world.


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