MIT Reality Hack

XR Masters CEO, Ali Hantal, gave a speech on the 1st day of one of the world’s greatest hackathons, MIT Reality Hack, alongside with Suzan Oslin of UXXR Design.  The speech was about  Open AR Cloud’s (OARC) mission and explained ‘s plan to democratize the real world metaverse with the Open Spatial Computing Platform (OSCP) initiative. Ali and Suzan also presented on the projects that some of Open AR Cloud’s partners (such as Novaby, Augmented City, UXXR Design, and XR Masters) brought to life on the OSCP.

Then several areas of the MIT campus were scanned and visually mapped. The amazing artworks that the hackers created are ready for viewing on the AR Cloud inside MIT’s Straton Student Center.
Anyone who is interested can download the XR Masters app for free on both Apple App Store and Google Play Store and follow the instructions to view the AR Cloud content.

For more information about the hackathon, you can visit

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