SPOTLIGHT: AR Field Force Tablet Application for Turkcell

XR-Masters became the first company providing both VR and AR content for Turkcell, Turkey’s largest mobile phone operator, which became the first Turkish company to be listed on NYSE 16 years ago (NYSE:TKC).

XR-Masters produced 3 major products for Turkcell, one being a collaborative process where XR-Masters and Turkcell teams together developed a custom “AR Field Force” tablet application for Turkcell’s teams in the field. Field Force AR is an iOS tablet application that enables the field team to locate the underground fiber-optic pipelines and the base stations around the city by superimposing the 3D models of both the pipelines and the stations onto the real world.

Turkcell showcased the AR Field Force solution alongside the other XR-Masters applications during the GSMA World Mobile Congress in Barcelona in February of this year and at the Turkcell Tech Summit the following month.

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