XR Masters is Turkcell’s First AR & VR Content Provider

XR-Masters became the first company providing both VR and AR content for Turkcell, Turkey’s largest mobile phone operator, which became the first Turkish company to be listed on NYSE 16 years ago (NYSE:TKC). Following the successful work we partnered together with Turkcell on VR Campus Tours, XR-Masters development team worked very closely with the company’s IT team to develop the “Holo-DashRoom App” for Turkcell’s CEO. This app gives him the ability to turn his office into an immersive DashRoom, where he can see live global stats on a holographic globe slowly rotating over the coffee table in his office, and live domestic stats on a holographic map of Turkey located on his carpet

in his office.

The third product that XR-Masters and Turkcell teams developed together was the AR Field tablet application for their team in the field. Field AR is an IOS application which enables the field team to locate the underground fiber-optic pipelines and the base stations around the city by superimposing the 3D models of both the pipelines and the stations onto the real world. Turkcell showcased these applications during the GSMA World Mobile Congress in Barcelona in February of this year and at the Turkcell Tech Summit the following month.

As mentioned before, XR-Masters also worked with Turkcell’s team to create 360 Video Campus Tours of Turkish Universities for Turkcell’s “Fizy Motion” application in September of 2016. As a part of the “360 VR Campus Tours of 20 Turkish University Campuses” project for Turkcell, XR-Masters team shot 360 scenes from 100 points in 20 universities in 4 cities. Visit www.xrmasters.tv to view 360 tours of the campuses under VR section.

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