XR-Masters CEO hosts workshop at the Annual Eurasian Higher Education Summit (EURIE)

XR-Masters CEO and Mezun Group Chairman Ali C. Hantal hosted a 3 hour workshop on “Creating & Tracking Successful Online Marketing Activities including AR/VR solutions”  at the 2017 EURIE Eurasia Higher Education Summit.

Mezun Group President Dogan D. Dogan talked about Landing Page Optimization & Conversion Maximization, Intcas CEO Zakaria Mahmood talked about the importance of Operational Efficiency & Strategic Positioning. Lastly, Ali Hantal covered Facebook’s Engagement Algorithm and then talked about the innovative AR/VR tools specifically for recruitment.

Then the attendees had the opportunity to try Microsoft’s Mixed Reality Glass, Hololens; world’s first mobile phone supporting Google’s Tango technology, Lenovo Phab 2; and took a 360 VR Tour of Istanbul along with 360 VR Campus Tours on Oculus Rift and Gear VRs.

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