XR Masters Founder Ali Cumhur Hantal Gives Lecture on XR Technologies

XR Masters Founder Ali Cumhur Hantal is participating in the “Filizlerin Mucizeleri – Technology and Innovation Online Vision Training Program” organized in collaboration with Türk Traktör and Women in Technology Association (Wtech).

Hantal’s lecture, which focuses on XR technologies, is designed to advise young people on how to pursue careers in these fields.

The online lectures are hosting around 300 university students on average. During the training, Hantal is conveying information to young people on XR technologies, answering questions, and stressing the importance of the standards and protocols for the Metaverse to be open, interoperable and democratic, and the activities of Open AR Cloud Association, where he serves as a board member and Test Bed Coordinator.

The lecture dates are March 29th, April 12th, May 3rd, May 11th and May 24th.


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