XR Masters on the Ekonomist Magazine

XR Masters was featured on the latest issue of the Ekonomist Magazine. The article provided information about XR Masters as well as the Open AR Cloud Association. You can see the English translation below.


Adding Turkey to the Metaverse Map

XR Masters, which has been involved in many software projects for over twenty years and provides information technology strategies to global companies, has been conducting R&D and software development on metaverse technologies for the last seven years.

The company is also among the first 500 companies to develop applications for Microsoft Hololens, the world’s first mixed reality glasses. Founded in Silicon Valley in 2015 to develop Extended Reality solutions, XR Masters is now working on R&D and innovation with world-leading companies such as Microsoft, IBM, and E&Y

Ali Cumhur Hantal, the CEO of XR Masters and a founding member of Turkey’s first Metaverse Association and a member of the Open AR Cloud Board of Directors, says that they aim to scan all of Turkey and create a digital copy to add to the metaverse map.

With the technology developed by XR Masters, the company plans to create daily life content and also transfer the historical and cultural heritage of Turkey to future generations through special platforms that can be provided in the new world. With the agreement signed between XR Masters,  Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, and the Open AR Cloud Association, Ankara became the fourth test bed city in the world after Los Angeles, Bari and Helsinki. It is planned to increase the number of test bed cities throughout Turkey.

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